What to know about benign multiple sclerosis: evidence from a real-world study

  • Benign multiple sclerosis (BMS), a variant of MS, is classified as having an Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) score of ≤3 and a combined disease duration of ≥10 years. However, many experts question whether EDSS can accurately capture disability in people with MS (PwMS), especially those with BMS.
  • This study demonstrated that PwBMS (38%) and people with non-benign MS (PwNBMS; 66%) experienced cognitive impairment (P<0.001). Moreover, PwBMS reported fatigue (78%) and depression (55%).
  • According to the authors, PwBMS do encounter variable levels of cognitive impairment, fatigue, and depression, which can be taken into consideration when defining BMS.