The clinical features of status epilepticus in an observational adult population study

  • This cohort study (n=404 with seizures) provided information on the frequency of status epilepticus (SE) in an adult population, and the clinical differences between isolated seizures and SE in patients from an intensive care unit (ICU).
  • 51% of patients presented with SE. In comparison to isolated seizures, patients with SE elicited lower Charlson comorbidity index scores, fewer fatal etiologies, higher Glasgow Coma Scores, fever more frequently, recovery to premorbid function more often (all Ps<0.001), shorter ICU and hospital stay (both Ps<0.05). Apart from those patients with epilepsy, inflammation was associated with all subgroups in the cohort.
  • Despite the unexpected low odds for SE with higher Charlson comorbidity index, fatal etiology, and epilepsy, the authors concluded that SE-associated inflammation may serve as a potential treatment target in epilepsy trials.