Tau microtubule binding region predicts pathological changes in dominantly inherited Alzheimer's disease

  • In Alzheimer’s disease (AD), tau phosphorylation in the brain and its subsequent release into cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and blood is a dynamic process that changes during disease progression.
  • This longitudinal, cross-sectional study evaluated the microtubule binding region of tau (MTBR-tau) species of CSF in dominantly inherited AD carriers (n=229) and non-carriers (n=130). CSF MTBR-tau species found on the border and core region of neurofibrillary tangles predicts AD onset. Additionally, CSF MTBR-tau border and core species indicated amyloidosis and neurodegeneration throughout AD evolution.  
  • According to the authors, CSF MTBR-tau species serves as a biomarker of disease onset and neuropathological changes throughout the evolution of AD.