More time spent on app-based speech therapy linked to better outcomes post-stroke

  • A study of post-stroke patients taking part in app-based self-managed speech–language therapy (SLT) has found that a longer time spent doing SLT is associated with better outcomes during 6 months of follow-up.
  • When 537 participants with consistent use were categorized according to the amount of time spent doing SLT in a week, those with medium (15–40 min/week) or moderate (>40 min/week) usage experienced significantly greater improvements than those with low (0–15 min/week) usage.
  • In a second cohort of 2,159 people with inconsistent app use, a similar pattern of results was seen during the first 20 weeks of follow-up, but the difference between the medium and low usage groups lost statistical significance at week 21–30.