Long-term efficacy of focused ultrasound unilateral subthalamotomy for Parkinson’s Disease

  • Unilateral Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound subthalamotomy (FUS-STN) has a wide range of benefits and can effectively improve several symptoms associated with Parkinson disease (PD). This association was tested in 32 patients with PD after receiving 36 months of treatment.
  • Researchers found an improvement of Movement Disorders Society-Unified Rating scale (MDS-UPDRS) motor part (III) score by 52.3% from baseline (before treatment) to 3 years (P<0.001), for the treated hemibody off-medication. At 3 years, the total MDS-UPDRS III off-medication score was 22.9% lower than at baseline (P<0.001). No adverse events were noted.
  • The treatment of PD motor symptoms with FUS-STN proved effective for long-term benefit in patients and supports the role in the clinical management of movement disorders.