Frailty in Parkinson disease: clinical implications in an older cohort

  • Frailty is a common disorder in older people that results in increased vulnerability to stressors, similar to Parkinson disease (PD). This study (n=314,998; mean age: 56.1 years; 12-year follow-up period) examined the relationship between physical frailty and incident PD.
  • In comparison to nonfrailty, prefrailty (26%) and frailty (87%) were associated with an increased risk of PD. In addition frailty phenotypes, including exhaustion, slow gait speed, low grip strength and low physical activity were also associated with incident PD.
  • According to the authors, prefrailty and frailty play a role in incident PD irrespective of potential variables such as sociodemographic factors, lifestyle, multiple morbidities, and genetic background.