Association of kidney function with dementias and dementia biomarkers

  • A prospective, population-based cohort study of 6,526 participants evaluated the association of kidney function with risk of dementia diagnosis, and with levels of the dementia-related blood biomarkers, neurofilament light (NfL), phosphorylated tau181 (p-tau181), and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP).
  • Impaired kidney function was significantly associated with higher levels of dementia-related blood biomarkers (NfL: β=0.47 and P<0.001; p-tau181: β=0.21 and P=0.003; GFAP [among men] β=0.31 and P=0.006), however it was not associated with a higher risk of dementia diagnosis.
  • Authors concluded that kidney function was associated with levels of dementia-related blood biomarkers.